“Alba, the Argentine illusionist who triumphed in Hollywood.
She is the only South American female magician to perform at the Magic Castle, a sanctuary of magic to which only the best 3% of the magicians are asked to perform.”
"As she engages her audience on the contradictions of everyday life, the magic is smoothly introduced with a warm sense of humor. And then, as the story unfolds, the impossibilities begin. Maybe that's what always makes her performance feel so special, like a little bit of real magic has just crept into our lives."
Jim Steinmeyer
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"The Argentine magician who charms the USA. She delivers her answers framing them in her blue and penetrating gaze.
After 10 years of profession, like magic, without a magic wand or a top hat, Alba joined an elite group of magicians who are asked to perform at the Magic Castle.
Life is not as we think it is. Thru magic I can show that some things are not as they seem to be.
Her tools of the trade are sleight of hand and psychology. Mystery and seduction are combined in this unique magician."

"Hired! We want your personality at the Castle. From three of their exclusive rooms, she has worked two of them. Americans love her unique style performing close up magic.
With her luggage always ready, she has her agenda full to keep making dreams a reality, and go down the road of success without a magic wand but with an art of her own."

"Her specialty is close up magic or "point blank magic" as she calls it. It is a different relationship between the audience and a female magician, much more intimate. The exclusive performance of a female magician is worth double because there are so few."

"Shines in a world of men in which she got into with determination. She decided to transcend the traditional role that the art had for females in the field. She found a style out of those archetypes, more related with humor."

"The best trick of this magician was to take her magic to Hollywood. Before, she worked at local restaurants. Now, tycoons and celebrities enjoy her shows at the Magic Castle, cathedral of magic around the world. That's how she became the first South American female magician to work on two of their stages. Strong connection with the audience, humor and a touch of drama are necessary elements to make a show interesting and entertaining."

"Here is another detail that makes her work something UNIQUE... Women in general are not very inclined to master sleight of hand and close up magic. It's a real treat that we are so well represented and it would be a woman who without fear of prejudice, succeeds in a world dominated by males."

"Historias de Magas Antiguas y Modernas"
Gema Navarro