When looking for someone to represent you and your company image, it is important to choose a performer with experience, integrity and dependability.

In Trade Shows, Alba has an exceptional ability to attract and keep people in and around your exhibit booth.  Many times attendees and future clients will bring their coworkers and associates back to your booth just to see the magic and hear your message one more time!


Essential company messages are custom tailored and subtly incorporated into the presentations. The audience is more relaxed, responsive and not averse to discussing your product or service with your sales representatives.


She'll work her magic around your product or service to create an entertaining promotional concept that makes people remember your company!


In addition to Trade Shows you can also use her talents for: End of the Year Celebration  - Hospitality Suites - Delivering Message to Employees - Promote a Service or Product - A Magical Thank you! to your Best Clients.