The soul of a magic show is sharing the feeling that whatever is happening, has never happened before and will never be repeated. We feel fortunate to be part of a unique moment.

We make magic together!

Eventos Sociales


Make your family and friends celebration more memorable with a magical performance.

Using different techniques, such as mind reading, sleight of hand, and impossible coincidences Alba's show guarantees laughs and amazement.

Sharing this type of magic with your loved ones is a great excuse to celebrate being alive!..

Special show: "Tea for Ladies"

A complete coven! Only women understand certain things. An invitation to play with perceptions and intuitions that make us unique. This is a magic show specially created to share an intimate reunion with your closest girlfriends.

Eventos Empresariales


Experience, versatility, respect for her audience, elegance, sensitivity, and humor.Alba is the ideal performer to represent you and your company in Hospitality Suites, Marketing Promotions, Trade Shows & Exhibits, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Parties, Fundraisers, Conventions or any event where people get together.

In Trade Shows Alba has an exceptional ability to attract and keep people in and around your exhibit booth. Many times attendees and future clients will bring their coworkers and associates back to your booth just to see the magic and hear your message one more time!

Alba is an expert at sleight-of-hand magic and psychological demonstrations either strolling, completely surrounded or in front of a large audience.

Teatros y Festivales

and Festivals

On stage, Alba combines charm, humor and audience participation to weave a spell of enchantment and fun.


More than a show, this is a unique experience that comes from the dialogue between Alba and her audience.

Everyday objects play a big role in a show where magic starts to play with our perceptions, and leaves the audience with the feeling of being part of something bigger.

A wonderful gathering filled with unusual stories, unexpected endings, prestidigitation, and more questions than answers.

Magic Castle - Hollywood, CA

We truly are thankful for your ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality of entertainment for our members and guests. We dedicate ourselves to becoming the premier magic organization in the world. Thank you for helping us in achieving that goal.

Dale Hindman, President of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.

Association of Internacional Petroleum Negotiators

Magnificent Presentation! It's been a challenge to integrate such diversity of people and nationalities to get them to enjoy the event. In your hands, it was simply... magic

Analía Wlazlo, Coordinator

Expo Management - Paradigma

The company's engagement in such an important tradeshow was vital for our company´s communication policy. Your commitment was invaluable thanks to your talent as a performer, your professionalism and the special rapport you generated between you and the audience you brought to the booth, as well as with all the people working at Paradigma´s booth.

Roberto Maisonnave, Director

Make a Wish Foundation

The Mayor’s Office who sponsored the event, also mentioned how much your participation added to the festive nature of the day. Thanks for turning dreams into a reality, and that reality into a lifetime of memories.

Linda Giovaccini Parck, Director of Relations

Argentinean Embassy in Washington DC

Your participation during the AWAMIA celebration was outstanding. Getting the guest to communicate during a party is a real challenge, but with your personable style of magic, you accomplished that with no effort. You will be the first person I´ll look for when I need magic!

TCnl Alberto Pablo Holgado.

Monday Night Magic

You have proven to be a fine show-person who knows how to play to your audience, you never fail to draw and hold a crowd. When you perform, you manage to make all of the members of your audience feel like you are performing for each and every one of them individually. I am happy to list Alba as one of our top performers.

Michael S. Chaut, Producer